Thursday, July 30, 2009

You can call me Mrs. Driver!

The wedding was perfect! I couldn't have imagined having a more perfect wedding- it was beautiful, it ran smoothly and I had a great time! Before the wedding I was getting sooo stressed out- you can ask anyone :) but on the actual wedding day I was so calm-it was wonderful. I had fun getting ready and I was so anxious to see Nate. The ladies who put everything together did such a great job and when I finally saw the whole thing put together I just started crying because I couldn't believe it was MY wedding! Then when I saw all of the people we love there to be a part of the wedding, walked down the aisle with my dad, and saw Nate I cried some more, of course!!

Right before the ceremony started is when I really started to get antsy, Marc (our pastor) came in to tell me it was almost time and I had about 10 min until it all started and I just kept thinking about how I was the luckiest girl in the world, because I got to marry Nate. He is just so wonderful and I thank God that he put me with him. The ceremony was great. I was calm, but excited! The reception was a blast, there were so many people there! I am so thankful that we got to share that day with all of the people we love so much. We are so blessed to have friends and family to support us and be a part of our lives! It was almost overwhelming because it seemed like everyone we talked to had done something so sweet for us and I wanted to tell everyone how much it meant to us what they had done or how happy we were that they made it to our wedding. We had people at the wedding that were so generous and helped make the wedding so wonderful, some our family friends gave us our wedding invitations, decorated for the wedding, a family friend made our wedding cakes, ect. Those are HUGE things!! We just hope that we are able to show everyone how much we appreciate their love and support!!!

Ok- I need to mention the honeymoon. IT was so fun! We went to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and it was just beautiful. We got in on Saturday and had to leave Tuesday but we had a blast. I am going to tell some more stories about the honeymoon and wedding but I have to go help Nate put up his new ping pong table (that is his wedding gift from me :) he bought me my wedding jewelry and I got him a ping pong table lol my gift is not near as sweet but he is so excited!)

-Mrs. Shelby Driver