Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Inspection and Pictures

Well our house inspection went great. The inspector found a few minor issues but nothing serious. One funny thing he found was that our dishwasher works great but it won't open! I guess the latch is broken, so we may just have to get a new dishwasher. I am glad there were no major issues though. I took a lot of pictures that day, and took measurements of everything, the inspector probably thought I was crazy because of how many pictures I took!

So there are a few changes we are going to make, such as scrape the ceilings, paint, new carpet in the two guest bedrooms, get rid of the above ground pool, new counters (eventually) and CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!!! We will probably have a cleaning party, so anyone is welcome :)

This is our master bedroom, on the other side of the room we have a bay window which is really pretty!

This is the front of the house, I didn't realize until I got home it is the only one I got-but you can see the people before us did a nice job with the yard.

My favorite room of the house! It is the 2nd living and eat in kitchen area, I love the windows in this room!!

View from the kitchen to the living, as you can see there are the green counter tops and dishwasher that does not open :)

This is the formal dining and living area, it is the first room when you walk in the front door-there is another large indow on the wall next to the front door also.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A few engagement pictures for you to see...

A few of my favorite engagement pictures...

Before I forget, our engagement announcement will be in the Fort Worth Star Telegram on Sunday May 24th. (I will make note of the specific picture being included)

The picture above is at the table where Nate proposed!

This is the picture that will be in our engagement announcement.

I will update on the house after the inspection tomorrow~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We got a house!

Finally! Our offer was accepted on a house, some of you may know we were having a difficult time finding a house because so many others are looking at houses right now. I mentioned this in another post, but there were so many offers on all of the houses we liked. On Thursday our offer was accepted on a house in Keller and I am so excited! This Thursday we are getting the house inspected and if that goes smoothly (if there are no huge problems, and the house is not going to fall down) then it is ours! :)

Until next time!