Monday, July 13, 2009

10 days to go!!

WOW, I can't believe I am getting married next week! I am actually awake right now because I can't sleep. I came home and laid down because I need to get some sleep before work tomorrow but my mind is racing with things I have to do, and thinking about how close the wedding really is. I wish it would already be here!!

I have to brag on Nate a little bit in this blog post, he has been wonderful recently when it comes to the wedding stuff! I was getting completely stressed out, so he sat me down and we made a list of things that needed to get done. The next day he called me with a ton of them checked off the list and we are so close to being finished with all of them! lol, I know I put some things off ;) When I get stressed out, I do the worst thing possible- I stop doing all of the stuff that needs to get done, I guess I just get overwhelmed.

So, with 10 days left until I get married, I have been thinking a lot about everything and what a big decision Nate and I are making. But, it does not scare me at all about getting married and spending the rest of our lives together, that sounds perfect! I can't wait to be with Nate everyday, and live together, and make decisions together-we have so much fun together! I love being with Nate, he really is my best friend! One thing that does scare me though, is everyone watching me walk down the aisle and kissing in front of 250 people!! :0 Nate and I are not very affectionate in public, we do hold hands but nothing more than that really.... there was one time when Nate bought me this great pair of shoes and I was so excited, so I gave him a kiss at the register. Afterwards, we were both embarrassed because that is not the norm for us lol-so the idea of kissing in front of everyone and it being such an intimate moment really freaks me out! Of course, it means so much for all of our family and friends to share that time with us, so it will be great!

I will update soon! (hopefully before the wedding)