Monday, July 6, 2009

17 days to go!!

I can't believe it, 17 DAYS TO GO!! It is coming so fast and I am so excited, nervous and a little overwhelmed... I can't wait until we are married and we get to hang out together in our house and just relax! At the same time, I am nervous because there is so much that is going to happen in the next couple weeks and I feel like there is not enough time for it all to happen!

The house is really coming along, we have painted almost all of the house, scraped ceilings and now it is time to start working on the kitchen. The cabinets will be painted white, cabinets are getting raised about 6 inches tomorrow night and we are getting new counter tops. We got all new appliances and they are beautiful!

I don't think I have made a post about my new job yet! I got a job at Range Resources in Fort Worth . It is an oil and gas company-they primarily focus on natural gas. I am working in the communications and investor relations departments. I really enjoy it so far, I have been working on the publication they put out every 4 months, but once that goes out I will be doing more stuff with internal communications and investor relations...

Until next time!