Monday, July 20, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

With 3 days left, this is on my mind! Of course I have something new and blue, but nothing old or borrowed! My dress is new and my garter has blue on it- tomorrow my day will be dedicated to figuring out my old and blue items for the wedding! I know it is not a huge deal, but I kind of want to have it.

Tomorrow I pick up my wedding dress, and I think I am finally finished making decisions for the wedding, YEAH!! (It is about time lol)

I have to talk about my bachelorette party for a moment... I really do have the greatest friends! They put so much thought and effort into the party, from the colors to the clothes and agenda, it was perfect. Everyone at the party wore pink and black, they had the cutest cake for me! I am going to attach a picture and you won't believe it but Celice and Meredith made it, they are so talented! We had the lingerie shower and I got some really cute things, then we went to Pete's Piano Bar for my last night out on the town as a single lady! It was so great, my friends did everything possible to make it a great night and it was. They also made a video of Nate answering questions about his favorite food, our most embarrassing moment, who will clean the most ect.. they would pause it and see what my answer was and see if our answers matched up-it was so cute! We did pretty good! The two we got wrong were "if Shelby were a Disney Princess who would she be, and what is Shelby's favorite thing about Nate"

Until next time!!