Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ok well first of all I just want to say that I am not claiming to be a writer so as far as spelling and grammar go I make no promises on complete accuracy ( I will do my best). I will also try and keep this as interesting as possible but again little things that seem extremely exciting and interesting to me may not be to you, SO I will just do my best update everyone of whats going on in my life and most of all the wedding planning!!

So as most of you know Nate and I got engaged about two weeks ago (Nov. 15th)! I will go ahead and give you a little background info, then I'll get to the proposal story... We started dating about 3 years ago, but we broke up a few times and were apart more than we were together, but anyways that's not the important part. On our first date ever, we went downtown Fort Worth to the Fort Worth Omni theater and dinner but we were late getting there and after realizing that we had no time to stop and get dinner we went to sonic (it was hilarious and Nate really does not think it is that funny, but I love the story!) So after the omni we were walking around Sundance Square and I told him we had to go by the Reata because I love the way it is set up where you can see all of FW, the view is just awesome!!

Fast Forward about 3 years now, we have been dating almost one full year and Nate tells me he want to go out this specific weekend and I really don't think much of it. So I have to input a few little details that make this story so funny, the weekend before I went to his house for breakfast only for him to realize that he was supposed to go buy the ring that morning-he told me he would go pick up donuts for us and was gone over an hour, I could not figure out why donuts would take so long! So anyways, Saturday rolls around and I won't bore you with all of the little details but he had been really quiet all week long, and this Saturday he says he is not sure what we are going to do and acts as if we may or may not go out so I am thinking that its possible we are going to rent a movie and that's the extent of our evening. Finally it's time for dinner and he calls me after his nap (I don't know anyone else who would be able to nap before an event like this!!), and says we will go grab dinner somewhere so be ready by 7pm.
Well, here is another little side note I was all dressed up and ready to go until he told me he wasn't sure what was going on so I put on casual clothes and was kind of upset we weren't going to do anything fun, but I'll get back to the good part now...

We go to dinner, and he takes me to Reata which was very surprising to me because we had never actually eaten there. So the night goes on, we eat dinner and he is SO quiet the whole time and barely eats his food. Finally dessert rolls around and he asks if I want to order and I kind of hesitate but he persists and we order a chocolate cake or something... So, very quickly the server brings over the plate and sets it in front of me but it took me a moment to realize that the plate had a box with an engagement ring in it!! ( I am getting excited just telling the story) so Nate stands up and walks around to me, I can hear feel the people turning to watch at this point, Nate gets on his knee and asked me to marry him. It was wonderful! After that we got champagne and roses and then went to tell everyone!

So I am planning on just updating about whats going on in my life, the wedding planning and anything else that comes along...